• Whole-Body Dentistry

    Dr. Mark A. Breiner, DDS, is the dentist who coined the term “Whole-Body Dentistry.”
    The title "Whole-Body Dentistry" refers to the idea that the body, not just the mouth, is directly or indirectly linked to dentistry.
    It involves speaking about mercury fillings and toxins.
    It involves electrodermal scanning.
    Root canals are an important issue.
    Cavitation is also a sign of problems in the body.
    TThe following is taken from the author's website regarding his highly acclaimed book "Whole-Body Dentistry". (You can order the book from his website).


    You are probably familiar with the basics of dental wellness – perhaps you had a cavity filled, a tooth extracted, or a root canal performed, and once the problem was treated you did not think about it again. But the consequences of these traditional procedures can often have significant impact on your health.

    WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY™ introduces a new approach to dentistry: looking at your mouth as an indicator of overall heath and a link to illnesses that can attack other parts of your body. If you have health problems and have not found relief through traditional treatments, WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY can help unlock the secret to more complete wellness.

    WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY is the acclaimed book by Mark A. Breiner, DDS, in private practice for more than 30 years, an esteemed lecturer, author, patient advocate, and industry expert. This important book explains the powerful impact that dental problems and procedures may have on your overall health and wellness.

    If you’ve been seeking information about health problems and solutions, WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY can help! You’ll learn:

    - How dentistry can affect the immune, cardiovascular and neurological systems

    - How the body and mouth are connected

    - New and widely accepted alternative procedures to traditional treatments

    - The potential adverse effects of dental procedures such as:

    Silver fillings

    Root canal, Cavitations, Fluoride

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