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Ryan - Feb 2016

Dr. Carpenter is by far the kindest dentist I have ever met in my life! I trust that the force that is guiding him is only for your best interest. Wouldn't trust any other Dentist at this point.

Hey Ryan, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Ryan E. Maddings!

"I am an active and productive person again."

Dr. Carpenter's philosophy and practice of biological dentistry has greatly impacted my life. I had spent many years on the emotional/physical roller coaster of life. I hadn't felt well for a few years, but just couldn't sort out why. I went to my primary doctor, but the usual blood tests had shown normal. I also visited my wonderful naturopath person. She improved my health, but something was still wrong.

I have typically been an upbeat, active person. Because I had no energy, I did nothing but sleep late, go to bed early. When I was able, I spent the rest of the time on the couch in front of the TV. I hated it because it wasn't me. Doing nothing but an emotional strain on me and thus caused me to be even more physically drained. The whole situation was a vicious circle.

One day, I happened to read an article on mercury toxicity from different sources. The author describes the release of mercury vapor in your mouth from silver amalgams. At first, I was shocked. Then it sank in, and I became angry. All these years, I had four amalgams in my mouth. I thought, how could a dentist morally choose to place mercury in my mouth which is in the top two most toxic metals in the world.

I struggled with the cost of having my feelings removed; however, I wanted to be healthy and active again. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Carpenter's office. He was so kind and listened to my concerns. He agreed that the mercury fillings should come out. He also shared his own experience with mercury poisoning.

It took six or seven months for my body to detox and recover. Now, I can't wait to get out of bed, and I have tons of energy. Another benefit of being healthy is that I'm happier than I've been for years because, I am an active and productive person again. Yeah!!!


Samantha T. May 2014

I absolutely love the team and being educated by everyone! You can really tell that everyone has their heart involved in that this is something you don't experience everywhere!

Hey Samantha, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Samantha!

Lynda P. May 2014

As always everyone on your team goes above and beyond to make my experience a transcendental pleasant. Thanks thanks thanks special thanks to Ani for her attempts to resolve the insurance blips. I've spoken to CIGNA and found answers to why they did not recognize my SS number, because they do not keep it on file, rather assign a "go to" number (of course they didn't mention that to her on the phone nor to me previous two today's conversation with the supervisor) Thanks again annie, you are the best! Lynda P

Hey Lynda, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Lynda

Becky P. April 2014

The hygienist was awesome! Very thorough and personal, which immediately makes one feel at ease. Thanks!!

Hey Becky, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Becky

Michael L. April 2014

Everybody I talk to was fantastic. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. My teeth and I are looking forward to a long relationship with you guys :)

Hey Micheal, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Michael

Suzanne C. April 2014

My experience at the dentist office, as always, was a good one. The staff are all very nice and always make me feel special. Dr. Carpenter is a kind and caring person was very professional but also has a wonderfully genuine concern for me as a person. Even though he was very busy with surgery on the day of my appointment, he came in to check on me. I had no special problems needed to see to, but he took time out to how to talk for a few minutes.

Hey Suzanne, how would you rate your overall visit? "Excellent" -Suzanne

Testimonial 3

I was concerned about the mercury in the amalgam fillings I’d had on my teeth for many years. Dr Carpenter first consulted with me about the procedures for safely removing these and created a treatment plan. Phase 1 – remove the amalgam fillings and replace with safe composite resin fillings. Phase 2 – remove 2 crowns that have metals in them and highly likely, mercury, as well as another filling that is not amalgam, but suspect.

For Phase 1, I went in for a pre-screen, a dress rehearsal of the procedure and to check my blood pressure, pulse, and oxygenation. Dr Carpenter is good about stressing the importance of true deep breathing during procedures and in daily life.

The procedure itself was done under anesthesia with full protection against mercury toxins in place for me and Dr Carpenter as well as Jackie and Melissa.

They were all very caring, nurturing and did everything with sensitivity to my comfort. Dr Carpenter explained everything before, during and after the procedure. Jackie and the others were awesome.

I would recommend this dental practice to everyone for any kind of procedures. They focus on holistic principles, truly caring for their patients, and promoting healing.


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