• Oral Metal Detoxification

    Is it safe to have metals in your mouth? For most people, the answer is, presumably, yes. The reason why is because metal has been placed in people’s mouth for decades and people for the most part haven’t seen any “significant” symptoms that are directly related specifically to metals. But does history mean that we should continue this trend?

    We went from using asbestos in our house insulation, lead in our paint, and cocaine in our soda, to making drastic changes AFTER we find out how harmful these materials are in our body. Now we can say the same about the metals in our mouth.

    How does metals in our mouth cause health problems?

    If you believe that our body is a complex web of ions moving in and out of cells, then you also believe that we are living organisms of electricity and energy easily influenced by frequencies and radiation.

    Having different metals in your teeth is like having a battery in your mouth. A battery works when ions move from one metal to a different metal. The medium or solution that these ions travel in is the saliva. This electrical current causes a disruption in your system. If you have metals in your mouth, then it is best to have them replaced with plastic or porcelain restorations.

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