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  • Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Program

    A Remarkable Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Program: Without "cutting up your gums," we can predictably get rid of bleeding and receding gums while controlling the damage periodontal disease does to your mouth and body. Gum disease is not a laughing matter. 90% of the population is walking around with it without a plan to get rid of it. Bacteria find a home in your gums and leave a mark not only in your mouth, but in your body.

    Our gum therapy is one of the most thorough and effective programs out there. It is all-natural and doesn't include antibiotics or taking pharmaceutical drugs. If you have a problem with gum disease or if you're not sure, take a simple test. Floss all of your teeth BELOW the gumline. If you have one spot that bleeds, then you DO have gum disease.

    DID YOU KNOW... that at the bottom of the pocket that surrounds your teeth (aka periodontal pocket) there's a barrier that keep all the dangerous bugs out of your body. It is one of the most important barriers to protect us from the harmful environment outside our bodies.

    DID YOU KNOW... that the barrier we just spoke of is only 5 cells thick! Imagine that. If that wall breaks down, you are in deep trouble: you are now exposing your internal workings of a magnificent system (your body) to the hazards of the environment. Alert: Gum disease breaks down this barrier.

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