• Provide A Comprehensive Healthy Dental Health Plan:

    Would you build a house without a plan? Would that plan be a written on a bar napkin in pencil? Absolutely not. Your building plan would include architecture, engineering, HVAC, electrical, framing, plumbing etc. You know what we mean. Transcend Dental Health does the same meticulous planning when it comes to your oral health. It takes a little bit more time but it is important to know… just like if you were building your home. When we are finished with our plan, you will leave knowing everything about your teeth, gums, smiles and how it relates to the rest of the body.

    This thorough plan includes a detailed overview of your existing oral condition, an interpretation of your x-rays and photographs, a disease prevention plan, a healthy oral detoxification plan, and a home care plan. Yes… it seems comprehensive and it is.

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