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Frequently Asked Questions/Comments

Do we accept insurance?

Do we accept insurance?

Yes and no. If you have a PPO or Indemnity plan that allows you to see the provider of your choice, we can probably help you with your insurance. To find out more about how we handle insurance and to see if you can use your insurance at our practice, please read our Insurance Guide. Regardless of your insurance situation, we require payment in advance for all services and, when applicable, we can help you maximize your reimbursement from your insurance company.

Payment plans (Care Credit)

Get flexible financing for health care services at participating dentists, orthodontists, vision care specialists, veterinarians and other providers with the Citi Health Card account. Speak with Transcend Dental Health employee for more details

Forms of payment

Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express, Cash, Checks, and Care Credit. Read More

Do You Use Metals?

Not in the materials we use in your mouth. Some of our tools are metal, but none of the restorations we do contain metal. Read More

What If I already Have Metal in My Mouth?

If you already have metal fillings or other metal restorations, we can safely remove the metals and replace them with metal-free, biocompatible materials on an as-needed basis. Read More

Are You More Expensive Than a “Traditional” Dentist?

Yes and no. We feel that our prices are commensurate with the quality and level of service you receive, and most of our patients would agree. While some of our services are more expensive than discount dental practices, we have also found that some of our services are less expensive. Read More

Who Does the Dental Work? Do You Have Associate Dentists or Hygienists?

Yes, we do have a hygenist who works with Dr. Carpenter. All of your dental work, from exams and cleanings to extractions, bridges, and crowns will be performed by Dr. Carpenter and our staff.

Can Transcend Dental Health fix my health problems?

That’s a tricky question. We focus on getting to the root cause of your dental problems. During your first visit Dr. Carpenter will conduct a thorough examination and begin to draw up a treatment plan based on what he found. We don’t try to hide or “mask” pain… Read More

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