• Alternative Therapies

    Dr. Carpenter passionately pursues continuing education opportunities with respect to new dental techniques and technologies as well as nutritional research and material safety. As diverse and unique creatures, we don’t all react to drugs and materials equally and some patients have had more experience than others with dental material (amalgam & composite) sensitivity and potential health problems that result.

    Dr. Carpenter collaborates locally and nationally with preventive medicine specialists, chiropractors and naturopaths in an attempt to help his patients prevent disease and live happy, healthy, productive lives. If you believe previous dental work, either from ill fit or material sensitivity is causing health problems, please notify Dr. Carpenter at your initial exam. In addition, Dr. Carpenter can act as an excellent resource for nutritional counseling with respect to increasing energy levels, losing weight and living more joyful lives. If you have questions or concerns, please call and set up a consultation.

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