• First Visit

    Your first visit with our office will vary depending upon your need. If you are experiencing pain, we will focus all of our efforts on diagnosing the cause of the pain and providing you relief from your suffering. If you are just looking to start a relationship with a new dental team, our comprehensive examination is second to none. In case of emergency, most times the treatment can be accomplished in our office. Sometimes the situation will dictate that we refer you to a specialist, the quality of your care being the main deciding factor.

    Although we gladly offer assistance to patients experiencing dental pain, many times there can be a pattern or habit to the pain. We will not lecture you on the benefits of preventive care while you are in emergency pain, but understand that the Preventive Care Model can help to eliminate most causes of emergency dental pain. We encourage you to read “The Five Levels of Dental Care payday” under the “How is Transcend Dental Unique” tab above as it relates to your first visit to our office. We will review The Five Levels of Dental Care with you at your first visit to help you consider and define the manner in which we pursue your oral health together.

    Because of the positive impact we can have on our patients lives, our goal is to complete a comprehensive exam (level 3) for every patient or member of our dental family. With a comprehensive exam, your first visit involves a personal interview with Dr. Carpenter where past experiences and future goals are considered, a gum examination with our Dental Fitness software and finally, the gathering of all remaining necessary diagnostic information. For a new patient exam, this necessary diagnostic information includes a full series of digital films for evaluating the health of each individual tooth, a digital panoramic image of the jaws to study the jaw-joints and rule out jaw cancer and mounted study models that allow us to study your bite. When these materials have been prepared, we will meet again and complete your dental examination. Based on your current level of health and goals, Dr. Carpenter will create a document for you called a Review of Findings that will act as a life guide for achieving your dental goals.

    In my opinion, the most important service any dentist or physician can offer is a thorough examination and diagnosis of existing conditions, a detailed review of these findings and a plan for prevention and treatment that serves the patients short range and long term goals. I believe that the journey to higher levels of comfort, beauty and confidence with our teeth begins with a clear understanding of where we are and where we want to go. Understanding the existing conditions provides you with the knowledge necessary to make the proper choices that suit your individual values for health. Without a target or goal, the process of dental care can be discouraging, painful, unnecessarily expensive and crippling.

    Dentistry, unlike many other aspects of life, is usually carried out without a master plan: without concrete goals and objectives of what you would like your mouth to be in the future. For this reason, we take a great deal of time and effort throughout the duration of your examination to help you understand your mouth as much as possible; to help you understand what causes disease and breakdown, and then help you make the decision of how you would like to be treated. This may be different from your previous dental experiences where you were told what you should do without a clear understanding of the underlying causes of the problem, and asked to make an “uninformed” decision about repair. Many patients would have chosen a different course of treatment for themselves if they had only understood the rules of cause and effect in dentistry. Many patients end up needing expensive dental repair as a result of lack of dental knowledge. Modern dentistry has reached a high level of comfort and capability and our ability to serve patients has never been greater.

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